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We Shall Overcome - Diana Ross

In the United States, they supply most of our energy needs, including roughly two-thirds of US electricity generation. But fossil fuels come with a cost. Coal smoke is linked with everything from asthma and birth defects to cancer and premature death. Natural gas fracking is tied to contaminated groundwater and earthquakes.

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And oil is the single largest source of air pollution and smog in the world. Fossil fuels are also the main source of global warming emissions, one of the most pressing existential issues facing humanity today.

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Understanding the scope of their impacts is critical for informing our choices around energy production—and for preventing the worst impacts of climate change. The United States has burned coal for over years. Most of it is mined either deep underground, from the tops of mountains, or in expansive open-surface mines in the American West. More than , people have died in American coal mines—more than the number of servicemen lost in the Korean and Vietnam wars combined.

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Countless others suffer from its debilitating health effects; worldwide coal causes more deaths than natural disasters, homicide, road accidents, and measles combined. Until recently, it also was the single largest source of US carbon pollution.

Many plants are losing in the face of economic competition from natural gas and renewable energy; keeping those plants running is driving costs up. And rules from the Environmental Protection Agency cast doubt on whether coal plants will continue being allowed to dump pollution into the atmosphere.

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Transitioning away from coal is the only long-term strategy that makes moral, environmental, and economic sense. For most of the twentieth century, natural gas played a relatively minor role in the US power sector.

When leaked into the atmosphere, the main ingredient in natural gas—methane—acts as a potent heat-trapping gas. When burnt, it releases carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

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As such, natural gas has a very limited role to play in the clean energy economy. More on Genius.

We Shall Overcome

We Shall Overcome. Living In The Country.

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