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All Distances 1m6f—2m 2m-2m4f. All race types Chase NH Flat. All Classes 4 5 6. Date days since Race Details Wgt. Summary - Data does not include this horse 31 runs, 3 wins 3 horses , 4 placed, 24 unplaced. Next time out 8 runs, 1 win, 1 placed, 6 unplaced. Class analysis 10 runs up in class, 1 win, 1 placed, 8 unplaced. Index value from 8 horses. Full Replay Show Finish. ATR Future Form. Summary - Data does not include this horse 23 runs, 0 wins 0 horses , 2 placed, 21 unplaced. Next time out 6 runs, 0 wins, 1 placed, 5 unplaced.

Class analysis 2 runs up in class, 0 wins, 0 placed, 2 unplaced.

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Index value from 6 horses. Summary - Data does not include this horse 59 runs, 9 wins 5 horses , 9 placed, 41 unplaced. Next time out 11 runs, 2 wins, 2 placed, 7 unplaced.

The Races of Tyria

Class analysis 54 runs up in class, 8 wins, 8 placed, 38 unplaced. Bremen then bestowed the the newly forged sword upon Jerle. When the Northlanders brought up siege machines, Bremen and Allanon combined their magic and destroyed all of the machines; this combined with a large-scale evening strike upon the Northlanders by the entire Elven army and a small-scale Dwarven assault led by Risca sent the Northlanders in full retreat. A day later, the forces of the Warlock Lord were stopped by the main body of the Dwarven army at the Streleheim.

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They had gone behind the Elven army and fortified their positions in this location, which was a major chokepoint. When the Elves caught up on the other side, the Northlanders were surrounded. The Elves and the Dwarves conducted a coordinated attack upon the Northland army at dusk. As the already decimated Northlanders were being routed, Jerle faced down the Warlock Lord.

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The magic of truth within the sword worked and almost killed the Warlock Lord, but Jerle broke down after seeing images of his wife being attacked by a Skull Bearer and being forced by the sword to confront his own inadequacies. He became angry, and resorted to all of his years of weapons training, wielding the talisman as a common sword instead of as a weapon of magic. Although Jerle managed to make the Warlock Lord disappear, the way in which he had wielded the talisman meant that he had not killed the villain but had merely banished him for a time, until he regained his physical form.

Bremen didn't tell Jerle that he did not succeed in truly killing the Warlock Lord. The Druid returned to Paranor, with Allanon as his student and son. Years later, when he sensed his death approaching, he was carried off into the depths of the Hadeshorn by the shade of Galaphile.

War Race: Honor Fallen Heroes in a Brand-New Way | BOXROX

From there Bremen continued to watch over and guide Allanon as they waited for the Warlock Lord to return. In spite of this, they thrive; in part because they are so very numerous, and also because their brother orcs are well aware how dependent they are on the goblins. Goblins accomplish the bulk of manual labor needed by the orcs, with the sole exception of jobs which require the brute strength of true orcs, which the orcs revel in doing as proof of their prowess.

The Dwarves are a race famed for their miners, blacksmiths, merchants and warriors. Considered as the third oldest race on the great continent after the elves and trolls, their early history is shrouded in mystery. Legends tell of a time long forgotten when their people began emerging from their underground world through caves. Soon after their emergence from the underground, the dwarves entered into conflict with the original inhabitants of the land, the elves. The original reason for their dispute has been lost to history, but the two races have since fought three long wars, interrupted by a few decades of peace.

During these wars the dwarves could not dislodge the elves from the deep forests in the south, but managed to consolidate their position in hills and the mountains in the north of the continent, known now as the Northlands. Since then they have constructed fantastic fortifications and settlements deep within the mountains and crags of their territory.

Undead are not really a single race of creatures, although often treated as such. Almost any dead creature can, by a sufficiently skilled necromancer, be reanimated and rise again in undeath. Undead are for the most part unnatural but mindless constructs, obeying whoever created them without question nor thought. A greater mystery of necromancy is in how constructs are sustained without continuous effort from the necromancer. An undead creature does not require the constant attention of the necromancer to command and sustain, but can work autonomously according to the commands of it's master.

Only rarely, perhaps once every few months, does the necromancer need to maintain his creation. Drakes are large, winged and fire-breathing creatures, reminiscent of true dragons. On average, an adult drake stands around three meters tall and easily weighs more than a man and a horse combined. Their skin is made up of hard scales, resistant to most physical strikes except piercing and cold damage.

Most drakes are capable of true flight and can travel long distances quickly. However, their sheer weight and bulk limits their flight ability somewhat, making them ungainly in the air. Where possible, they make use of terrain features such as hills, mountains and trees as launch points in order to gain greater height and speed. Fortunately for their enemies, they are still quite clumsy creatures and surprisingly slow in combat.

This, combined with their large size, renders them easy targets for those who dare attack them.

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There are other races than these six main ones. They often align with the larger races, but these alliances are usually not permanent. The Merfolk live in the shallow parts of the ocean, wary of the monsters that lurk in the deep.