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Graphic and parametric tools for preliminary design stage of natural ventilation systems. Open and closed linear folded stripes. Pre-defined open folded stripes. In Advances in Architectural Geometry , L. Hesselgren, S. Sharma, J. Wallner, N.

Baldassini, P. Bompas, and J. Raynaud, Eds.

Estudios sobre el sistema de ciudades y el polimetropolitanismo

Linear folded mesh based stripes. Van Mier, G. Ruiz, C. Andrade, R. Yu and X. Zhang Eds , Histoire de la construction et histoire des sciences. In Edifice et artifice.


Histoires constructives Paris, , R. Algorithme Architectural, entretien avec Silvan Oestrele. Construction Moderne , 23— Cahier Havrais de Recherche Historique Astonishine : proposta per il solar decathlon europe. Beni culturali, residenze, edifici specialistici a basso impatto ambientale, Gallipoli, Italy, The scientific works of Philippe de La Hire : between geometry, mechanics and architecture. Opening conference. Experimental and numerical simulation of an Iranian wind mill. Stone architecture for the future : The rebirth of historical stereotomy in a digital world.

University of Maryland, September Ventilazione naturale in architettura : strumenti parametrici di progettazione.

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La ventilation naturelle en architecture. Forum de la ville durable, Provins Luigi Moretti : le forme della scittura tra teoria e architettura.


La ligne versus la surface. Nouvelles perspectives de la construction en pierre. Traditional constructions — methods and techniques. Mathematica user story Stand SNBR. Salon international du patrimoine Rapport final. Film documentaire, August Raisons scientifiques et savoir technique dans les pratiques de la tradition construc- tive.

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Identifiant ou adresse e-mail. Mot de passe. Se souvenir de moi. Axe histoire de la construction. AP : Autres productions []Brocato, M. Identifiant ou adresse e-mail Mot de passe Se souvenir de moi. This system combined efficiency and speed in production and construction with more labour-intensive completion of the buildings.

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First, in the three years after the completion of the schools in Niger, k pdv was commissioned to design a prototype for the construction of agricultural training schools and 13 hospitals in Burkina Faso fig. Next, in , the edf agreed to finance a programme with similar objectives in Cameroon. This time, the edf jointly organised a competition with the Union Internationale des Architectes uia to select the best proposed design for primary schools which would be built throughout the country.

The competition was won by the aforementioned office of Lagneau, Weill and Dimitrijevic, which proposed an architectural concept that was similar to the schools and hospitals in Niger, Burkina Faso and Senegal but pushed the component of prefabrication even further. Figure 9: Prefabricated primary schools in Cameroon designed by Lagneau, Weill and Dimitrijevic, executed between and Source: special Africa issue of the Italian journal Edilizia Moderna in nos. The presence of three well-known European architects in the jury of the Cameroon competition 25 was indeed a powerful sign to African heads of state, as well as the international community, that the eec was willing and capable of financing the development enterprise embarked upon by the colonial powers in the s and that, to do so, it would mobilise the best it had to offer.

Thus, like many other nations and organisations which turned to Africa after independence for diverse political, economic and cultural motives, the eec ensured its economic and political future overseas by transferring specialized expertise and building materials to Africa. The pace at which buildings could be erected using the technique of importing building parts was presumably welcomed by many African leaders as an efficient response to the urgency to expand education and health provision both quantitatively and geographically.

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Indeed, as President F. This suggests that linear progress and modernisation, established in the minds of Africans as the standard for development through the late colonial building projects, was strengthened in many s development projects. However, those same African authorities quickly contested the architectural and organisational means by which these projects were achieved.

This can be observed by examining a number of other projects designed by k pdv. Thus, while Lagneau, Weill and Dimitrijevic were working on the schools in Cameroon, the k pdv architects engaged in a new project with completely different ambitions, this time financed by the Senegalese government.

Kirbs, who was then working at the Service de l'habitat rural and had familiarised himself with building one-off projects in close collaboration with local communities. Kirbs proposed to design and build five rural training centres across the country and took Kalt and his team on board. The team agreed that only local materials and labour would be used so as to fit the project with the small budget made available by the government. Aside from budgetary reasons, the architects recall that, during the s, opposition slowly rose amongst African government officials against the logic of importing materials and techniques.

While the schools and hospitals of the early s still made imported materials and expertise important components, the new approach deliberately focused on adapting design, materials and division of labour to local realities. For training centres in the warm and humid regions of South Senegal, load-bearing structures were constructed entirely with locally produced wooden beams and columns fig. The formal design of these schools was clearly inspired by the earlier prefabricated schools but adapted to the features of the local environment.

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Usage et architecture Villes et entreprises French Edition Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. TV Studio, Saint Ouen competition —. Triptyque Architecture - l'agence de l'architecture contemporaine Halle Pajol, Paris competition —. Dossiers [Enjeux contemporains] Retour. Alfonso Roa Universidad externado de Colombia, Extrait El autor desarrolla su libro en tres partes: la primera consta del ensayo uno, dos y tres; la segunda abarca los ensayos cuatro, cinco, seis y siete; y la tercera, los ensayos ocho y nueve.

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Les mots de la stigmatisation urbaine Jean-Charles Depaule dir. Presses universitaires du Septentrion, Institut de recherche sur le Maghreb contemporain, Centre Jacques-Berque,