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She is a demon and the Guard Dog of Hades and accompanies Azazel on his quest to find out who is behind the theft of the God Key. In Virgin Soul, she works in a brothel in the capital along with other attractive demons in order to survive. He is a demon that accompanies Azazel on his quest to find out who is behind the theft of the God Key. She is one of the four known archangels and has been the leader of the angels ever since the death of Zeus.

He is the king of Orleans residing in the capital, Anatae.

In a fit of jealousy at seemingly being spurned by the angels, he ordered Jeanne d'Arc to be burned at the stake. He is Belzebuth's attendant, but his real identity is Gilles de Rais a ruthless sorcerer, who tricked angels, demons and humans in order to revive Bahamut. He is a very powerful demon and the creator of Amira. He secretly plotted behind Lucifer to bring about Bahamut's revival.

She is a bounty hunter and pupil of Leone Favoro who has come to Anatae to make a living. The citizens of the capital love her happy-go-lucky personality. Nina was born to a dragon father and a human mother, has superhuman strength and can transform into a red dragon, sometimes unwillingly in the presence of handsome young men.

He was born to a commoner concubine of the former king and becomes a calculating king willing to resort to any measure that furthers his secret goal to release and kill Bahamut. He fears neither god nor demon and wields forbidden power stolen from the gods. He unwillingly falls in love with Nina whom he first encounters while disguised as the commoner, Chris.

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She is an angel serving Gabriel, but also helps Jeanne D'arc travel to the capital city of Anatae to find her son, El. El is the young son of Jeanne D'arc but is separated when they are hunted by the Onyx Knights. He finds help and safety with the fallen angel Azazel who names him Mugaro, thinking he is a girl.

He is regarded as the Holy Child and has the ability to neutralize the power of the green stones worn by the Onyx Knights.


He is a young officer in the Orleans Knights whose his noble birth secured a place within the order. He is the leader of the Onyx Knights, and like them he has a green stone embedded in his chest which grants super-human powers in exchange for slowly draining his life force. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Rage of Bahamut Blu-ray cover art of the first volume Genesis. Anime Limited. Animax Asia [3]. See also: List of Rage of Bahamut episodes. Retrieved November 3, Anime News Network. December 24, Retrieved April 18, Retrieved May 6, Retrieved December 28, March 27, March 4, Retrieved April 5, April 13, Retrieved April 14, April 5, Days — Hidden categories: Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rage of Bahamut. Blu-ray cover art of the first volume Genesis. Adventure , [1] dark fantasy [2]. Anime television series. Peter Whalen explains that the developers considered having a different number of Old Gods.

While Azeroth in total has known four Old Gods, N'Zoth had never been revealed until Whispers of the Old Gods , making it any easy option leave out; alternatively, there are "a couple of other entities that are very close to Old God status, or referred to as Old Gods," which would have allowed the developers to have as many as six Old Gods if they had desired. However, four turned out to be "a pretty good number". After deciding on the four Old Gods themselves, the designers considered what sort of creatures the supporting cast would comprise. The faceless and Klaxxi were a natural fit; "ritual cultist guys" were an easy decision in order to include some things a little more human and relatable in the set.

The idea of corrupting characters similarly came in part because of a desire make something players could connect with in the new set, especially given the unfamiliar and hard to pronounce names of many of new minions such as Volazj , Y'Shaarj and C'Thun. The first official hint as to the nature of the expansion came on March 4, , in a blog announcing that the upcoming expansion would be revealed in a live stream on March The blog began with the text "Something inside the Tavern stirs.

PST to see what has been lurking unfold live on Twitch! This sinister theme was brought into much sharper focus on March 5 when the card carousel on the official site was updated to feature a new selection of cards: Faceless Manipulator , Mind Blast , Cult Master , Void Terror and Dark Wispers. In the days immediately before the announcement, pictures surfaced of half-painted murals and posters boldly proclaiming the new expansion, along with its title, and depicting what were clearly faceless ones and other Old God-related creatures.

After a short and dramatic introduction the trailer was shared, followed by the revealing of the first new cards: Polluted Hoarder , Corrupted Healbot , Validated Doomsayer , Beckoner of Evil , Twilight Elder and C'Thun. The announced release date of late April, early May surprised some players due to previous statements from developers such as Ben Brode that it was generally preferred not to announce new content until only a short while before it was ready to be released.

Brode admits this was "not ideal", but explains that it was necessary due to "[needing] a little extra time to get all the stuff relating to new formats just right", with the new expansion also heralding the arrival of Standard format. Yong Woo would later comment, "One of the things that we really value on our team is that we constantly mix up the way we do things, we never want to be predictable.

We don't want to get to a point where it's like OK, they're announcing this day so it's gonna patch on that day and then it's gonna launch specifically on that day and you can just map it all out.

So there are pro's and cons of doing it different ways. Following the initial announcement cards began to be revealed one at a time through selected fansites and media, with a few further cards also being revealed during the Americas and Europe Winter Championship streams. On March 21 voting opened on the official site to reveal the first of 20 new cards.

In contrast to previous voting systems which had seen only one of the eligible cards revealed, this expansion saw voting determining simply which card would be revealed first, with the remaining card with the most votes being revealed next.

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Another difference was that instead of being revealed on the official site, each card was connected to a well-known streamer, with that streamer revealing the card when it was time. The streamers participating are listed below, along with the descriptions provided on the official site. On April 21 a special stream featuring Ben Brode and Frodan revealed the remaining cards through a series of showmatches against designer Dean Ayala. Frodan won the series , with both players using decks designed by Ayala. During the stream, Brode announced the replacement of the 'Sorry' emote with the new 'Wow' emote, and the existence of special quests to reward players for playing Standard format matches.

The new battlefield was included in the rotation, but was not selected by the game during the showmatches, and therefore was not revealed. The expansion's official release date of April 26 was revealed on April This date had been predicted nearly three weeks earlier, when users noticed that purchasing the Curse of Naxxramas bundle from the official Battle.

The expansion was released in the Americas region at am PST on the 26th, [47] and 7 hours later was live in all other regions. Following the preview Arena period for Goblins vs Gnomes , and the Grand Tournament Match , Whispers of the Old Gods is the first expansion not to feature a special launch event. This is partly because of the simultaneous release of game formats, and the associated interface changes and numerous card changes , with the developers concerned that adding a special event to this already busy time could add too much complexity, especially for new or returning players.

Whispers of the Old Gods marked the first time a set had added new cards to another set, with Fandral Staghelm adding three unique minions to the Classic , Blackrock Mountain and The Grand Tournament sets. The following links record community reactions to the expansion and the associated changes prior to its release:. Southsea Squidface. Boundary Passage, Shoreditch, London [50]. Blackwater Pirate in Moscow - time-lapse video here. Darkshire Librarian in Seoul, South Korea. Twin Emperor Vek'lor in Tokyo - time-lapse video here. A mural of Aberrant Berserker in Melbourne.

Herald Volazj mural in Shanghai. Darkshire Councilman in Paris - time-lapse video here. Sign In. From Hearthstone Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Wild format.

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Retrieved on Oh my! Rastakhan's Rumble. Rise of Shadows. Saviors of Uldum.

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Descent of Dragons. Curse of Naxxramas. Goblins vs Gnomes.