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I excluded tolls, airport fees and tips from the calculation. One was negative, which means Uber lost money on the ride. Lyft shares recovered somewhat Thursday, rising 4. As independent contractors, drivers must pay from their cut of the fare all expenses including gasoline, maintenance, depreciation on their cars and self-employment tax. Neither Uber nor Lyft would comment for this story, but on its website, Uber illustrates how it sets rider fares and driver pay. On a Facebook page for Bay Area Uber and Lyft drivers, a driver named Mikhail posted a screenshot of a trip this month that started during the morning rush hour in San Francisco and ended in Palo Alto.

Harry Campbell, founder of the Rideshare Guy blog for drivers, said many are reluctant to be identified for fear of being deactivated, or kicked off the app. Driver pay is based on actual time and distance. On the flip side, the companies can sometimes lose money on a ride. Drivers say this is most common on shared rides, where the driver picks up unrelated passengers at multiple locations.

Saturday, August 5, Sunday, July 16, Sacred Kitsch.

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These days, little plastic animal characters seem to be as popular among Thai taxi drivers as statues of the Buddha and images of revered Thai monks. It's apparently a new form of worship that involves cutesy creatures whose heads bob from side to side. Saturday, June 24, Paris from the Passenger Seat.

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Friday, June 2, Toyota Toyota Toyota. In hot and tropical Thailand, the locals can get pretty creative when it comes to finding ways to cool off.

Taxis at Barcelona Airport

In the case of this taxi, the driver has rigged up a metal fan to keep the inside of his cab from overheating. Not only does the fan provide a breezy atmosphere in the back of the taxi, it helps create a nostalgic ambience that reminds passengers of an era before air-conditioners even existed.

Sunday, April 30, A Buddha's View. The world is full of busy people. Monday, April 24, You and Me. Sunday, April 2, 80's Flashback. Upon entering a Bangkok taxi as a foreigner, the driver will inevitably switch on an English language music station.

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While you might occasionally hear international songs that are currently popular, chances are you will be taking a walk down memory lane as you listen to golden oldies. Today, the music on the radio in the taxi included a lineup of the greatest hits from the 80's. Monday, March 20, A Useful Tip.

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Sunday, February 26, Incredible Cabby. Sunday, February 19, Pure Mind. Thursday, December 22, Santa Taxi.

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Merry Christmas. May all your taxi rides be merry and bright! Sunday, December 4, Goddess of Rubber Duckies. Thursday, October 13, Rest in Peace. Saturday, October 8, Sticky Rice Taxi.

Taxi fare refusal leads to violent confrontation

Tuesday, September 6, Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth. Older Posts Home.