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Like her first book, The Outsiders , it is implied at the end of the book that the protagonist is the actual author.

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In reality, many of Travis' experiences trying to publish his book parallel those of S. Hinton's while trying to publish her first book having to clean up the language, starting a second book before the first is published, being only 16 It could also be that Travis' book is deliberately similar to Hinton's first book, as it is stated that a major plot point of his book is a title character the Star Runner dying in a car accident, similar to Johnny in The Outsiders dying due to injuries sustained in a fire.

Travis is a tough kid living in a big city. When he comes home to find his stepfather cramming the fireplace with his writing, Travis assaults him with a fireplace poker. As a result, he is sent to live with his paternal uncle, Ken, on his ranch outside of Tulsa.

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Travis, used to living in the city, soon finds country life to be boring. Formerly the coolest, toughest kid in school, he is now an out-of-place loner, torn between his desire to fit in and his contempt for country living. Even Ken seems too busy for him, between work at his law-firm and his divorce; he is often too busy to even keep food in the house. Travis continues work on his book while maintaining a correspondence with Joe, the only one of his friends to even occasionally write back. He also meets Casey Kencaide, who runs a riding school on Ken's ranch and is the only one brave enough to ride the Star Runner, a creature who, like Travis, was never meant to be tamed.

Soon Travis is working for Casey as a stable boy, and he receives an offer to publish his book. In response he takes a trip into town to celebrate. While in town he gets drunk and is beat up by the bouncer when his true age is discovered. In bad shape, he contacts his uncle to bring him home and reveals his book deal to Ken, a surprise for Ken, as he was unaware that Travis was even fully literate. For a while life, to Travis, at least seems bearable.

You pull for the two of them in the beginning. You just like them right away. The buildup was amazing and the chemistry between Emma and Johnny was amazing! Newell, I cannot tell you enough how big of a fan I am of your work. This story and the others before was simply perfect. You created characters that I was unable to do anything else but love them…even when one is a complete asshole sometimes and I wanted to reach between the words and strangle them until their head was on straight. Thank you so much for the honor and privilege to have read this.

Johnny hurt beyond belief and Emma who liked Johnny right away embark on a journey of not only self-discovery, but life altering. Things heat up and they shoot right into scorching and then cool off like ice. She drove him crazy. Pick this book up and follow Johnny and Emma on their journey.

Aug 01, Tara rated it really liked it. Thank goodness this was short because I needed to get to sleep and there was no way I was putting it down until I finished reading. Taming Johnny was a well-written story about stifled attraction, emotional distance, and chemistry that wouldn't be denied. I loved that the supposedly meek and mild records clerk, Emma was the strong and tenacious risk taker, at least where Johnny was concerned. She was perceptive, in some respects anyway, and not easily warned off by this tortured hero's aggressiv Thank goodness this was short because I needed to get to sleep and there was no way I was putting it down until I finished reading.

She was perceptive, in some respects anyway, and not easily warned off by this tortured hero's aggressive bark. For all his strength, experience, and competence on the job, this cop was wounded and afraid to connect emotionally again.

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He'd built walls around himself. Still, it wasn't enough to keep Emma out. Not only did she tear down his protective barricades, she somehow managed to penetrate his heart as well. She boldly went where no one else dared. I found her the stronger character because she was willing to risk her heart and maybe even be wounded. Johnny was already numb, a walking shell of a man who kept people and emotion at a distance. It was easier for him to walk into danger because he'd buffered himself.

Until Emma. I enjoyed Johnny's slow thaw, watching his vitality return with ever chink she took out of his armor. Jun 30, Akilah Raines rated it liked it.

Ok now that I think about it this story kind of reminded me of off limits by sawyer Bennett but just a little I really enjoyed it! Full Review to come on www. Nov 27, eRomantix rated it really liked it Shelves: cop-alert. Gruff, and rude to keep people at a distance. I do tend to gravitate to these sort of hero's. It is just so satisfying to see them morph into a better, happier person.