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Fearless Genius. Doug Menuez. Aurelia Jackson. Steve Jobs Speaks. Harish Sharma. In short, Jobs has embraced the traits that some consider flaws-narcissism, perfectionism, the desire for total control-to lead Apple and Pixar to triumph against steep odds.

Inside Steve's Brain Book Review

And in the process, he has become a self-made billionaire. In Inside Steve's Brain, Kahney distills the principles that guide Jobs as he launches killer products, attracts fanatically loyal customers, and manages some of the world's most powerful brands. The result is this unique book about Steve Jobs that is part biography and part leadership guide, and impossible to put down. It gives you a peek inside Steve's brain, and might even teach you something about how to build your own culture of innovation. This spirit resonated with Jobs, who at one point had taken a personal pilgrimage to India and lived in an ashram.

But even more so, the meme of participation entered his head on those visits to PARC. The Apple II, released in , was unique in having a graphics capability and a soundboard built in. These Apple IIs became the de facto machines in classrooms around the country, and without a doubt prepared a generation of computer users for what was to come.

They are followed in turn by the Plutocrats— Thomas Watson Sr. In reaction to the buttoned-down, all-business attitudes of the Plutocrats, the Aquarians of the s and s—people like Douglas Englebart and Alan Kay—expand on the more openended ideas of the Patriarchs, and develop the paradigm of visual, personalized, networked computing.

Building on the installed base of all these users as the new millennium looms, the Hosts— World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and open-source guru Linus Torvalds—link these disparate personal machines into a huge web, concentrating on communication as much as technology, pushing participation to the next level. But by music was more important to the Apple brand than to its business.

Apple would not even let Android users, who represent more than 80 percent of the global mobile business, have iTunes on their phones, because it wanted to sell iPhones. Neither service would license to the other one, which crippled them both. Finally, Jobs went to see Doug Morris himself, and won the record man over with his charm. Morris called Jimmy Iovine at Interscope to get his impression. I think he took away maybe fifty percent of our instrumentation.

Keep it simple. This book is an attempt to start that conversation—to illustrate how takers came to dominate makers in our economy, and how we can change things for the better.

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Yes, borrow. So, why borrow? Whatever a loan might normally cost, it would cost Apple far less, thanks to a low-interest bond offering available only to blue-chip companies. The pressure for these changes has been building for some time. Bottom line: when you have a lot of cash and can move much of it abroad easily, as the biggest tech companies do, everyone will start watching you more closely. Rather, they are scattered in a variety of places around the globe, including offshore financial institutions.

The company is secretive about the details.