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Heidrun Strikker, Johann Anselm Steiger, Alois Wolf, Die Komposition der ersten Korachpsalmengruppe 2. Dabei handelt es sich um die Art der Aneinanderreihung Paul Bischofberger, Stefan Amin Talab, Klasse und Drama bildeten einen einzigartigen Spannungsbogen.

Ambivalenter Spannungsbogen Bewegtbild wird im Media-Mix immer wichtiger. Schabel 6. Bakker 7. Beneduce 8. Brinzei 9. Bakker and F. Kok Bartocci and S. Masolini II. Germann and C. Beccarisi III. Klein and A. Marenbon and R. Metzger and B. Schmidt et R. Davids und T. Kent P.

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Howard, C. Hewlett eds. Retail price: EUR ,00 Interdisciplinary in scope and grounded in visual, literary, and archival materials, the essays in this book probe many different facets of the society of Renaissance Italy, including the role of kinship and networks, power and agency in Medicean Florence, patronage and spirituality, and the generation and consumption of culture. This volume honours F. Bill Kent , internationally renowned scholar of Renaissance Florence and founding editor of the Europa Sacra series. Kent belonged to an energetic generation of Australians who, in the late s, tackled the Florentine archives and engaged key issues confronting historians of that ever-fascinating city.

With his meticulous archival findings and contextual interpretations spanning a scholarly career of more than forty years, Kent engaged with, indeed drove, the scholarly response to many of the issues that have shaped not just our current and emerging understanding of Florence and other urban centres of Italy, but along with that, a more nuanced view of the role of frontier towns and the countryside.

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Interdisciplinary in scope and grounded in visual, literary, and archival materials, the essays presented here explore a variety of facets of the society of Renaissance Italy, confronting and extending themes that have been emerging in recent decades and exemplified by Kent's work. These themes include the role of kinship and networks, power and agency in Laurentian Florence, gender, ritual, representation, patronage, spirituality, and the generation and consumption of material culture.

Die schönsten Märchen der Brüder Grimm für Kinder und Erwachsene (Hörbuch deutsch)

Gebraucht, aber gut erhalten. Meist OLn. Sehr guter Zustand. Frisches Exemplar. Wie ungelesen. Sie wuchs in Kalifornien auf, studierte Englisch, arbeitete als Englischlehrerin und machte nebenher noch einen Abschluss in Psychologie. Elizabeth George ist in zweiter Ehe mit einem ehemaligen Feuerwehrmann verheiratet. Ihr erster Mann kaufte einen PC und sie nutzte ihn, um ihren ersten Roman zu schreiben. Wegen ihrer feinen Figurenzeichnung und der stringenten Handlung wurde Elizabeth George auch mit Dorothy Sayers verglichen.

James geb. Cotter , seinen Freund Simon St. Hier schildert sie zum ersten Mal keine klassische Krimihandlung, sondern zeichnet ein sozialkritisches Bild der britischen Unterschicht. Ihre Protagonisten Lynley und Havers tauchen gegen Ende kurz auf, spielen jedoch keine zentrale Rolle. Guter Zustand. Von Cechov.

Das ist sehr richtig, ich war betroffen, damals. Somerset Maugham. Januar greg.

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Juli greg. Jahrhunderts aus. James Joyce beispielsweise gab an, Tschechow von allen russischen Schriftstellern seiner Epoche am meisten zu bewundern. In Tschechows Figuren sah er erstmals in der Theatergeschichte Individuen verwirklicht, denen es seiner Ansicht nach nicht gelingt, ihre jeweils eigene Welt zu verlassen und untereinander in Kontakt zu treten. Aufgrund dieser Ausgangslage gilt Tschechows Einfluss auf Joyce heute zwar als belegt, aber als schwierig zu erfassen.

Allerdings gibt es keine Hinweise darauf, dass Kafka Tschechows Werke bekannt waren. Jahrhunderts, Nihilismus. Erste Auflage dieser Ausgabe. Umschlag: Gerd Grimm. Besitzername auf dem Vorsatz.

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Polar research: Six priorities for Antarctic science Mahlon C. Kennicutt II, Steven L. Chown and colleagues outline the most pressing questions in southern polar research, and call for greater collaboration and environmental protection in the region. Zylka, Ben D. King Materials chemistry: Seeds of selective nanotube growth James M.

Tour See also Letter by Sanchez-Valencia et al. Siliciano See also Letter by Whitney et al. Articles Top Convergence of terrestrial plant production across global climate gradients Sean T. Michaletz, Dongliang Cheng, Andrew J. Enquist Net primary production is affected by temperature and precipitation, but whether this is a direct kinetic effect on plant metabolism or an indirect ecological effect mediated by changes in plant age, plant biomass or growing season length is unclear this study develops metabolic scaling theory to be able to answer this question and applies it to a global data set of plant productivity, concluding that it is indirect effects that explain the influence of climate on productivity, which is characterized by a common scaling relationship across climate gradients.

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Present preparation methods fail to meet fully the demand for structurally pure single-walled carbon nanotubes, surface-catalysed cyclodehydrogenation reactions are now shown to convert precursor molecules deposited on a platinum surface into ultrashort nanotube seeds that can then be grown further into defect-free and structurally pure single-walled carbon nanotubes of single chirality.

Lamborg, Chad R. Hammerschmidt, Katlin L. Bowman, Gretchen J. Swarr, Kathleen M. GEOTRACES sampling of deep water from the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern oceans allows an estimate of the amount tripled in surface waters and distribution two-thirds increase in water less than a thousand metres deep of anthropogenic mercury accumulating in the global ocean.

Whitney, Alison L. Reservoirs of virus infection represent the most important reason why HIV-1 cannot be cured with current antiretroviral drugs, now the refractory viral reservoir is shown to be seeded as early as 3 days after infection in a monkey model, even before the virus is detected in the blood.

Myeloproliferative neoplasms are caused by mutations in the haematopoietic stem cell HSC compartment, and here the authors show that the HSC niche contributes to the pathogenesis, sympathetic innervation of mesenchymal stem cells MSCs is reduced in the bone marrow of patients, which leads to reduced MSC numbers and increased mutant HSC expansion, and restor. Mental health: Depression needs large human-genetics studies To understand the molecular mechanisms of depression, collect genetic data from more than , people, says Steven Hyman.

Infectious disease: Tough choices to reduce Ebola transmission Christopher J. Whitty and colleagues explain why the United Kingdom is funding many small community centres to isolate suspected cases in Sierra Leone. Film: Enigma variations Robert P.

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Crease ponders a brace of biopics on Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking. Thorne talks about what he learned from the film, s unprecedented visualizations of black holes and wormholes, what it and his accompanying book can teach, and the likelihood of humans escaping the Solar System. Scott Perspective: Thinking beyond survival Michael R. Monteggia, Robert C. See also Letter by Roushan et al. Palaeontology: Mystery of the horrible hands solved Thomas R. Holtz Jr See also Letter by Lee et al. Neurobiology: Building a bigger brain Forrest O.

Goldberg, Christopher S. The contribution of de novo coding mutations to autism spectrum disorder Ivan Iossifov, Brian J. O Roak, Stephan J.