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Use a portion of your preparation to become familiar with the directions for each section and how the questions are set up. Then you can use all you time in answering the questions instead of reviewing the directions.

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Reading Comprehension Skim the passage first to get a sense of the main idea. You can always go back and look up specifics. Answer the questions that ask about vocabulary words and details first. Then work on questions that ask you about the main idea or require you to make inferences. You will answer 50 questions in 55 minutes. Structure and Written Expression Think about the simplest, clearest way to express an idea. Brush up on your English grammar for this part of the test. You will have 25 minutes to complete 40 questions. Listening Comprehension Become as familiar with the English language as you can, including learning vocabulary words and idioms.

Practice working with the language in everyday life; this will help you become more comfortable with it and understand it better.

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These 50 questions will take 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Writing Planning for a few minutes before writing will help you to write a more focused and organized essay. It is important to develop your ideas and express them clearly, using examples to back them up. Always save a few minutes at the end to proofread. You will have 30 minutes to organize and write on your topic.

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Note taking Just like in a college classroom, you will be allowed to take notes on what you hear and read during the test and then use your notes when answering the questions. Writing On the iBT, the Writing test is 50 minutes and consists of two tasks. For one task, you write independently for 30 minutes to support an opinion on a topic.

For the other task, you write for 20 minutes in response to things you hear and read. Simple present tense. Present continues. Simple past tense. Future tense. Present Perfect. Punctuation and type of sentence. Modal and Perfect modals. Passive voice.

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Conditional sentence type. Causative verbs. Relative clause. Reported speech. Factual information question. Negative factual information question. Understanding vocabulary in the context. Inference question. Determining purpose or Rhetorical question. Recognizing paragraphs or sentence summary.

Recognizing Coherence or text insertion. Summarizing important idea. Organizing information.

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Reference question. Relationship between two paragraphs. General reading rules and common mistakes. Conversation and Lecture analyze. Note taking. Identify the topic and main idea. Listening for details. Determining attitude and purpose.

Making inference and prediction. Understanding function. The complete listening test.

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Introductory section. Question one. Question two. Question three.