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She is well known for her crazy yet humorous antics toward the campers and staffs. Contents [ show ].

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The leaves are opposite on the stem lanceolate to linear in shaped with a grayish tint and up to 1 inch long. The leaves turn purplish during the late summer and fall. These grow on short stalks in smaller clusters in the upper leaf axils. The whole plant can reach 18 inches in height and 14 inches across. The whole plant is highly aromatic. Location and Care.

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Summer savory does best in full sunshine although some morning and afternoon shade can be tolerated. It needs a rich soil with plenty of organic material and fertilizer to produce its best bushy features and tasty leaves. However the plants tend to have weak stems and will topple over and sprawl. Small twigs and branches can be used as support structures for the plants to keep them upright and off the ground - thus cleaner leaves.

Don't over fertilize as this will reduce the flavor of the leaves, one a month is sufficient. Summer savory will grown on a range of soil types although it prefers average pH about 6.

Although not fussy about its soil type it needs to be reasonable well drained, it cannot tolerate waterlogged soils even those that pool on heavy rains. However it does need watering and is not drought tolerant. Daily watering during hot summer months is essential for good leaf growth.

A soaker hose run alongside the plants is ideal. If grown for leaf harvesting, cut back the flower buds as they appear to promote more leaf growth and keep leaves more flavorful.

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As a container plant or indoors. Savory makes a good potted plant for both the garden, patio, deck or indoors. Ensure it has good potting soil and a fairly sunny location and the attractive flowers and pleasant aroma, and shrubby nature make it an attractive deck addition. Trim branches often to encourage bushy grown, remove flowers if intended for leaf harvesting or leave on for enchanting pot plant.

Summer savory can also be grown indoors if given an south facing window. Summer savory is easy to grow but has a few quirks.

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First it does not take well to being transplanted, so if seeding indoors make sure that you use either biodegradable pots usually peat or some other substance that can be planted along with the plant, or take great care not to disturb the roots when transplanting out. Summer savory seeds are reported to have a substance that prevents other seeds from germinating, so when seeding indoors don't mix with other seeds or place in the same seed tray. However this substance does not seem to effect many of our well known weed seeds so outdoor plantings can still become weed infested. Lost your password?

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