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The Session Tracks all Changes made to all entities that it has either loaded, stored, or queried on, and persists to the server only what is needed when SaveChanges is called. The number of server requests allowed per session is configurable default is Any such operation ' loads ' the documents to the Session for tracking. The Session tracks all changes made to all entities that it has either loaded or stored. The Session will do it for you.

Entity tracking can be disabled if needed. See: Disable Entity Tracking Clear a Session Batching Remote calls to a server over the network are among the most expensive operations an application makes.

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The session optimizes this by batching all write operations it has tracked into the single SaveChanges call. The SaveChanges call checks the Session state for all changes made to the tracked entities. These changes are sent to the server as a single remote call that will complete transactionally. In other words, either all changes are saved as a Single Atomic Transaction or none of them are. Once SaveChanges returns, it is guaranteed that the changes are persisted to the database.

The SaveChanges is the only time when a RavenDB client sends updates to the server, so you will experience a reduced number of network calls. Open the session, do some operations, and apply the changes to the RavenDB server. The example below shows how to store a new document in the database using the Session.

The Session will track this change.

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The first document Load call goes to the server and fetches the document from the database. The document is then saved as an entity in the Session's identity map. All subsequent Load calls to the same document will simply retrieve the entity from the Session - no additional calls to the server are made. The power of this session was profound — as you know.

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