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Peggy Anderson bustled around in her kitchen as she gave her guest a quick glance. How stern and forbidding he looked. She imagined that with another five pounds on him, he would be quite handsome. A smile or two would also make a difference. His dark blue eyes were red-rimmed. She tried chatting with him but soon discovered that he was a man of few words.

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Peggy heard a light snore and realized he was dozing. She motioned to Jack to wake him up. Jack led him into his bedroom. He woke to the aroma of coffee and bacon. With a start he saw he was still in his clothes. He noted that his bags were in the room as he got up to look for his razor and toothbrush.

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After washing and shaving off a two day beard, he dressed hurriedly into clean clothes. That coffee smells good, he noted with some surprise. It must be the sea air that has given me an appetite. The thought depressed him, but it had to be done. Even though it was still raining, he noticed that there were many people out shopping and visiting. For a moment a pang of loneliness and a painful aching for Annie swept through him. He knew he must do something or depression would hit him. I must get out of the car and mingle with other people.

Locating a corner store, he drove into the parking area.

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While walking into the little store, he noticed how warm it was for November. It was probably freezing in Red Deer. I wonder what the winters are like here and if it snows? The clerk in the store was friendly. Looking around for a seat, he sensed that everyone had stopped talking and was staring at him. I guess it is because I am a six foot five inch stranger, he reasoned a he found a booth.

The talking resumed as he opened up his newspaper. Using it as a screen, he automatically noted everyone around him and filed it for further information. Ahead of him to the right was a table of five or six men. They were making the most noise. They all appeared to be in their late fifties or early sixties. To the left of him he noticed a petite red-haired woman.

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He watched a blush suffuse her face. He realized to his chagrin that he had been staring at her. A tall bulky figure blotted her out and Zack saw that his waitress had arrived. She mumbled something and he ordered a coffee. She seemed quite shy and awkward. As she left, Zack picked up his paper and began to read. He did note that the lady he had embarrassed had gotten up and gone. As Cass Darby hurried through the misty rain, her thoughts were on Christmas and her bookstore. How should she decorate the shop window?

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Many bookstores often put out an array of seasonal books and then threw a poinsettia or some holly in for good measure. She decided to make her place more inviting and interesting. Before crossing the street and heading in the direction of her shop, she smiled.

She had the answer. Where there were kids there were always parents. She would entice both groups into her store! Stopping to let a skate-boarder flash by, Cass gave a sigh of relief. Everything was finally falling into place for her.

First though, Gram had left her the house and property on Sooke River Road and now she had a wonderful home. Cass believed in omens.

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The way things were developing it seemed like Sooke was opening its arms to her once more now that she had decided to move back. How she loved this town.

Her family went back to the earliest settlers. A visit to the Museum always made her happy; she could visit those early settlers any time she wanted. They were all there for anybody to read up on. Who was he? It would fill in all the details in no time! Not too far away, another person thought about the weather. It was Monday, November 20th. Corporal Roger Byrnes stared at his calendar as he made up schedules and work sheets for the day.

He lifted his head when Constable Jim Yorke walked in after knocking. Byrnes was a tall military-looking man. He walked with the precision of a man who had spent time on a parade square. In his late forties, with graying hair and a well- groomed moustache, Byrnes always looked like he meant business. That was until you noticed the twinkle in his eyes.

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He was well respected in the community. Time permitting; he helped coach soccer in the teams that his two teen-aged sons played in. Jim Yorke looked like a large basset hound.