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The Tower and the Hive Power Play Freedom's Ransom Acorna's Triumph with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Third Watch Deluge Catacombs Lisa Tuttle and George R R Martin have created a fine science fiction adventure that could only have happened on one planet - Windhaven. Compelling reading. The man's versatility makes him unique.

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I'm delighted to recommend it without reservation! Rip-snorting, white-river, cliff-climbing suspense with barely a pause. A Grand Fantasy!

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Melanie Rawn is good! Paula Downing is off to a great start. Illusion Paula Volsky "I couldn't put it down Epic grandeur I haven't enjoyed such a fresh new approach or such an original concept in a long time Carol Severance is a writer to watch out for! Mistwalker Denise Lopes Heald "Quite and adventure tale, a love story, and a damned good ecological drama!

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Remnant Population Elizabeth Moon "Pure satisfaction from cover to cover! Sing the Light Singers of Nevya , book 1 Louise Marley "Marley is a fine new writer with a promising career ahead of her. Archangel Samaria , book 1 Sharon Shinn "Provocative. Dragon and Phoenix Dragonlords , book 2 Joanne Bertin "Good descriptions, good characterisation, and really evil people for villains.

Shadows in Scarlet Lillian Stewart Carl "Shadows in Scarlet is definitely read-worthy, with snappy dialogue, well-developed characters, and a real nifty-nasty twist to the plot. I don't think Lillian will have any trouble garnering devoted readers with this gracious story. In the King's Service Childe Morgan Trilogy , book 1 Katherine Kurtz "An incredible historical tapestry of a world that never was and of immensely vital people who ought to be. Temeraire Temeraire , book 1 Naomi Novik "A splendid novel.

The plot was excellent, extraordinary in that the reader has no idea where it's leading.

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Let's hope this is the first of many from Naomi Novik. Saltation Liaden Universe , book 12 Sharon Lee and Steve Miller "Every now and then you come across an author, or in this case, a pair, who write exactly what you want to read, the characters and personalities that make you enjoy metting them Wardance Chronicles of the Warlands , book 5 Elizabeth Vaughan "Possibly the best romantic fantasy I have ever read. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. Lady in the Tower The Ship Who Sang [short story] Dragonrider Hugo nominee Nebula Awards.

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