Guide Life After Retirement: Joining the Peace Corps at Sixty-Seven

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I would be a much, much better Peace Corps volunteer now, after having worked at the CDC, then I was…and I still thought I was a pretty darn good volunteer! CDC employees have a lot of skills they could share with people around the world. Brooks, who speaks some Jamaican Patois, French, and Japanese, says it is important to go into the experience with an open mind. You have to learn the culture and the history of the people or community in which you want to work. One of the most important things you need to do is demonstrate your intentions to the community.

The community needs to own any project that they are involved in. Sustainable development is key for any lasting impact. I use my experiences from Peace Corps everyday. I work with governments and international organizations all over the world, especially in water-san activities. Without the knowledge of living somewhere for two years and seeing the challenges many communities face in the developing world I would have no firm understanding on how to proceed with projects and activities on the ground and be successful. The people bring back happy memories, he says. But there were tense times too.

Taking the time to build strong relationships will help lead to sustainability.

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He served in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan from I wanted to tackle the challenge of working in a foreign language within a different culture. I figured Peace Corps would give me the satisfaction of contributing to a foreign community, as well as the adventure of international travel and discovery. So he taught English as a second language for his primary assignment.

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Hunter also developed and directed after school programs which included an environmental awareness group and a cinematography group. The project was designed to provide the participants high school students progressively more control over the production of the films. Hunter lived in a small village with heavily contaminated water.

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The combination of these two factors pushed me toward a career in public health. There is nothing more valuable than working within a society that thinks and operates in a completely different way, Hunter explains. The bottom line, in my opinion, to successfully work in a different cultural setting is to be flexible and patient. Peter H. It was very simple living conditions in a thatch roof mud hut with no electricity or running water. I worked with about 20 farmers and their families in about a 20 kilometer radius and together we built about 25 tilapia fish ponds.

I am still in touch with them by mail and they continue to raise fish. The living conditions were difficult he says, because of poor nutrition, frequent malaria, filarial, giardia, bot flies, etc.

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But although it was tough personally, he says it helped to give him a strong familiarity of central African culture, people, and development and health issues. Kilmarx says he was invited to take part in the Ebola Kikwit response because of his prior experience in DRC. In his job today, he has used Congolese proverbs on several occasions. The saying was very well received by the audience.