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Elle frappa. Elle sourit gracieusement au sculpteur.

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Faire Play Editions : nous faisons des jeux, vous y jouez! Quels objectifs? Venez partager un moment unique en famille et entre amis. Saint Jean du Var. Place Mermoz. Breton de coeur ou Breton de sang…. Marionnettes Casse-Noisette. Pas si facile!

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Inscription Tournois jeux de plateaux. Inscription Tournoi de Bridge de la Rade. Championat de france de monopoly - FAQ. Qui peut participer?

Tout visiteur du Palais du Jeu et du Jouet! Bienvenue au pays de la magie… des drones … et des transformers! From the translation point of view, this in turn may imply a normative assumption that there are certain archetypal invariants that can and should be transferred without loss from ST to TL. Most texts belong to a genre or genres. Therefore, in order to assess the nature and purpose of the ST, the translator must have some sort of overview of genre-types in the source culture, and be familiar with the characteristics of relevant genres within those types.

What is true of SL texts is true of TL texts. Since the nature and the purpose of a given text imply one another, the translator has to be as familiar with target-culture genre-types and genres as with those of the source culture. Paying due attention to the nature and purpose of the TT guarantees a degree of TL bias which helps to prevent the excessive SL bias that so often defeats the purpose of the TT. Since translators need to consider these genre-related questions before translating a text, it is useful for them to have a framework of broad genretypes.

This will help students to identify salient genre characteristics of the ST, and to check those of the TT they are producing. At this training stage, it will take some time to learn how to pick out the features that signal a particular genre and — just as important — what the TL expectations are for that genre.

However, once this ability has been developed, applying it takes very little time. Within each type, there are innumerable genres. And many texts have important characteristics from more than one genre and more than one genre-type. So we are not going to attempt an exhaustive typology of genres; that would be far too elaborate for our purposes. In determining the genre of a text, two essential Textual genre and translation issues 59 factors need to considered.

The second is the question of whether the text is an oral one or a written one. This attitude comprises three things. And third, there is an acceptance by the author of the likelihood — i. Genres in this category deal with the real world as it is experienced by observers. An empirical text is more or less informative, and it is understood to take an objective view of observable phenomena. The second category comprises philosophical genres.

This does not, of course, prevent it being easy for the reader to misunderstand the point; hence the elaborate t-crossing and i-dotting with which philosophical authors try to reduce the uncertainty of effect. Philosophical genres have not proliferated as much as empirical ones, but they are strikingly diverse nonetheless. The third category comprises religious genres. The author is understood not to be free to create the world that animates the subject matter, but to be merely instrumental in exploring it.

Even so, the author can never be certain that the desired effect will be produced. The fourth category is that of persuasive genres. The essence of these is that they aim at making listeners or readers behave in prescribed or suggested ways. The very many genres and sub-genres in this category have a common purpose, that of getting an audience to take a certain course of action, and perhaps explaining how to take it. The very notion of trying to persuade implies an inbuilt element of uncertainty as to whether the text will succeed. From video manuals to election propaganda, the history of persuasive genres is lit by failure as well as success.

This is a crucial factor in the selection of a style for such texts. Finally, there is the category of literary genres. There are innumerable sub-genres of poetry, prose narrative and drama, each with its characteristic style. However, all texts in this category have two essential features. First, they concern a world created autonomously in and through the texts themselves, and not controlled by the physical world outside.

Second, whatever other characteristics they have, and whatever their subject matter, literary texts contain features of expression that emphasize, modify or actually create features of content. There are examples in Practical 2.

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In the Camus text in Practical 2. And in Practical 2. With their reliance on suggestion — through e. However carefully the author tries to control the reactions of the reader or listener, it is less possible than with most other genre-types to be certain that the effect will be the one the author desired or intended. First, what are the salient features of the ST? What do these features Textual genre and translation issues 61 imply about its purpose?

What genre do the features and purpose suggest it belongs to? If so, which of them should be retained in translation? Third, what TL genre s provide a match for the ST genre?