Manual Jerry Bywaters: A Life in Art (American Studies Series)

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Much of this openness to foreign ideas and styles was due to several members of the group travelling to Europe to study.

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First, In the Chair Car shows two nuns on their commute from their convent into the Dallas diocese. In another painting, Century Plant , the natural colors and landscape of Texas are mixed with the fantasy forms of the Surrealists, lending a very energetic, otherworldly feel to an otherwise common subject.

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Another artist whose work is a highlight of the exhibition borrowed from the Surrealists. So the women actually formed their own printmakers guild. Although the Dallas Nine ceased to operate as a group after its members scattered to pursue careers throughout the state and beyond, artists from that circle continued to do meaningful work and exerted a powerful influence over a new generation of artists through their positions as teachers and museum administrators.

And, until April , some of the most evocative works will be on display in Fort Worth, providing a poignant glimpse of life and art in Texas during the era of the Great Depression. Naturally Texas admin June 1, Caught by Politics pp Cite as.

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The hard-bitten cowboy, exotic Indian, and salacious prostitute of Texas Picture inhabit a world of sexual license and frontier justice. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Jerry Bywaters: A Life in Art (American Studies Series)

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This first full-scale biography explores his life and work in the context of twentieth-century American art, revealing Bywaters' important role in the development of regionalist painting. Francine Carraro delves into all aspects of Bywaters' career. As an artist, Bywaters became a central figure and spokesman for a group of young, energetic painters known as the Dallas Nine Alexandre Hogue, Everett Spruce, Otis Dozier, William Lester, and others who broke out of the limitations of provincialism and attained national recognition beginning in the s.

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