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We rode Union Pacific train No. It was the "Cowboy Train" as someone told me, with no diners or dome cars, just coaches. It was a great but quick ride and as I left train No. My thanks to all of the men and women at the Union Pacific who helped make such childhood adventures possible. Union Pacifc Train No. Per the dictionary online, resistance can be understood as the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument, or the ability not to be affected by something, especially adversely.

It can appear physically, like carpal tunnel, on an overused wrist that is forced to type on a computer keyboard for 10 hours daily for the past 12 years, or emotionally, in the form of pushing yourself through excessive stress daily, because you believe that is worth your paycheck;. Pain is a time to reflect. Believe me, even if your pain was originated by an accidental injury, there is an emotional component that lead to the injury, so, working on the emotional aspects of your pain will only improve your recovery and prevent recurrence;.

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There are many ways to cover up pain and find temporary or even permanent relief, but you will miss out an opportunity to become a better version of yourself if you ignore your emotions around your pain;. Your pain might come back, and keep on coming back, in the attempt to offer another opportunity to work out what you need to work out in your life;.

Pain forces you to pay attention to the moment, to your now. Your body will find a way to get your attention, the pain will get worse until you stop and pay attention to your now;.

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Pain is humbling. It helps you understand how fragile life is, how things can change in a blink, and how we must appreciate the trillions of cells doing the exact right thing in your body every single day;. When you are able to be at the moment, you can identify aspects of your life that are not in alignment with who you want to be and how you want to live. Take notes, that is what pain is asking you to change;.

As we live our stressful, high paced days, we forget the big picture of our lives, and with that, we loose joy. Accept your pain, welcome it! The moment you are able to do this, you will be at the place you will be more likely to let your pain go away. Change is good. Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like a champ and ready for the best day of your life? Day in and day out, always…every day… the best day ever!!! I know this can sound ridiculous, but I will be honest with you here…it is the truth, and I believe it can be possible.

And I want to talk a little bit about it today. I know it sounds childish, but seriously, think how sad it is to look back at your life and try to remember the last time you really had a great night sleep and woke up refreshed and recharged?

So, how can I sleep better and have energy for my day , you say? Great question, I will get to it in a little bit. If you think a bit about the health and wellness movement of the last decade, including fitness, mindful practices and alternative medicine, you will find one common principle that is similar to all of these practices: optimal health is a reflection of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

And what is Good Health anyway? To clarify, my understanding and belief is that good health is a state of perceived, relative balance with our physical, mental and emotional bodies. We are a collection of energy particles, just like Einstein explained the universe, but in a more compact fashion. We are trillions of energy particles in constant movement, colliding and repulsing, in an eternal quest for balance.

Therefore, for us, balance is more of a dynamic, relative state, and in this search to achieve quality of life and health, our job is to identify and make changes to adapt to our ever-changing point of balance. This all sounds a bit chaotic, and it is indeed. And this realization helped me change the way I perceive the art of living well. I started to strive for a more liberating way of living, by changing my thoughts around my attachment to perfection and control, which by the way, are the main sources of stress, anxiety and disease.

I decided to think that perfection is boring, it is an unattainable illusion. And that learning how to live in chaos is actually what we are naturally designed for, and that is the most kick ass skill I can master, and is the ultimate way to achieve relative balance, happiness and health in my life. Gene mutation, triggered by lifestyle, toxicity, epigenetics, neuroplasticity equals to what conventional medicine has been mostly calling as auto-immune diseases.

This is huge! So, expanding on the 5 pillars, my words for nutrition are, eating true foods, in a balanced fashion , getting in tune with your body, and learning what it needs nutritionally in each phase of your life and season of the year. And I will leave it here, this simple and complex perspective. For exercise, I lean towards it being a very personal choice, meaning, you being in tune with your body and learning what benefits you the most.

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Or maybe your life has been changed by traumatic experiences. It might be really hard to trust people--to risk opening up about what you're dealing with. I get it. And trying to find the right counselor when you're already struggling with so much can feel impossible. Jeff Boscoe-Huffman and Dr.

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Scott Boscoe-Huffman treat children, adolescents, adults, and families. We provide individual, group and family therapy as well as psychological evaluations, psychosexual evaluations, crisis debriefings, consultation, and supervision.

I have spent my career since working with children and their families and treating the effects of trauma. Each person and family I work with is unique with special considerations and circumstances. My training and passion is to consider a person within their systems. That means the whole person - body, mind, and soul; the immediate and extended family; and even the surrounding community.

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Learn effective communication skills, process difficult emotions, and live your best life. Therapy is a necessary luxury - one that your future you will thank you for investing in. I cater to your privacy and your convenience. My clients enjoy complimentary valet parking, a private waiting room with amenities to nourish your body and soul, and a separate office exit to ensure your confidentiality. I graduated from Colorado State University in with a B.

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Following, I embarked on my road to obtaining my License in Clinical Social Worker and successfully completed in I am committed to helping clients identify their strengths, values and dreams in order to live a purposeful life. I work with clients to minimize self-criticism so that they can begin to think about themselves in a new light and create new possibilities. My passion is to bring healing and change to people who experience excessive worry and fear, anxiety and stress. I guide my clients to find a healthier perspective of themselves, others, and the world around them.

I help them strengthen their relationships so they begin to feel more capable and safe with who they are and what they do. I am passionate in the belief that therapy works. My experience allows me to guide you through the process of therapy. Office is near:. Are you hurting from sorrow or despair? Or do you simply feel stuck or have a vague feeling of low self-esteem, and anxiety or depression.. Maybe you smile on the outside but struggle on the inside, or just need someone to talk to, I will listen, and help you restore hope.

I believe we all have innate resilience and potential for growth. Therapy can help you understand and resolve behaviors that no longer work. I will not judge, and will safely walk you through each step along the way.