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Friends Tell Friends Everything Video. What Do You See? License of Use. Maybe it is that group of people I had completely written off. Maybe it is going places I have never been before. No matter how challenging it is, though, to move outside the comfort zone of my usual boxes, I must. It is the only way really to find God, or at least, get a few steps closer.

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Rather than staying in the safe box of Paris, St. Ignatius Loyola sent his companions all over the world.

God In A Box

Even to this day the Jesuits are pushed to go to the margins of society and life. Such heroics are good for the ego and make great social media posts.

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  4. What a shocker it is then to find that all those places we thought we had known God before pale in comparison to how we experience God outside the box. Ignatius knew very clearly that we go to the margins, outside of our boxes, not as much so the people we encounter will know God in us, but so we can find God through them.

    What Is a God Box?

    Dear Lisa, your article brought many questions to my mind. At 57,I am still wondering what purpose God has for me. I have been in many boxes-Nursing,Instructor,Director,and have worked corporately. All very nice,neat, and organized boxes. All through this I have sought God in the likely places-also nice,neat boxes.

    Now I am working the Ignatian Adventure and wondering if I will be able to go and live outside the box? An exciting and scary thought all at the same time. Thank you Lisa.

    Your article of the boxes could be rewritten into the parable of the boxes or the tale of the boxes with characters and a plot addapted to a target audience: adults, children… Sure your intelligent message would be widely understood by anyone who needs to be aware of the existence of the divine providence.

    Thank you, Ms. Is it working for you? Okay then.

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    So, who is actually putting God in a box? The truth is that we all often put God in a box. The God of The Shack has been put in a box void of holiness, justice, and righteous wrath.

    It is also true that, in a sense, God puts Himself in a box, the box that He always remains true to His own Nature and Being. He has revealed Himself to us through creation, history, the prophets and apostles, and in the highest authority, His Son Jesus Heb His direct words to us today are recorded in Holy Scripture, so all other means of revelation must be compared and filtered through that of the Bible.

    It is very important that we understand that this box of self-revelation limits God only by those things which conflict with His revelation.

    Putting God in a Box: How Christians use faith to fuel their LGBT hate

    We must not assume that God has revealed all of Himself to us. His revelation to us is sufficient, but is certainly not complete. We can also take comfort in the fact that God puts Himself in this box. For example, it is revealed that God cannot lie Titus , Heb If God does not put Himself in a box, we can have no assurances or understanding of Him.

    The obvious question now becomes, since God puts Himself in a box, should we do likewise.

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    The answer is absolutely, positively NO! God is God, and we are not. God, along with his nature and character, exists completely independent from our thoughts and beliefs. Wrong, and possibly dangerously wrong.