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Money laundering is a huge problem for every region and every currency in the European Union. Northern Ireland and sterling are just as vulnerable despite being outside the eurozone. Does the Commission have plans to remove this bank note from circulation? According to the Treaty, the European Central Bank has the exclusive right to authorise the issue of euro banknotes. Given the ECB's rights with regard to euro banknotes, the Commission cannot decide to change their denomination.

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Despite accession to the European Union in many millions of Romanian citizens continue to face conditions of extreme poverty. Furthermore, many vulnerable orphaned children do not receive the basic care, protection and support that they are entitled to as a fundamental human right. Is the Commission aware of this situation, and what is it doing to alleviate this sort of poverty within Romania? Does the Commission have a plan which would try to ensure that citizens living in poverty in Romania are given immediate assistance and help?

The Commission encourages Member States to take action and monitors progress including via Country Specific Recommendations.

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Through the Social Investment Package, the Commission urged EU countries to put more emphasis on social investment, investing in human capital and enhancing people's capacities whilst ensuring an adequate livelihood through income support. Financially, there are EU instruments, such as Structural Funds and the upcoming Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived, to invest in actions promoting access to the labour market and social inclusion, thus helping to reduce poverty.

For example, the ESF in Romania co-finances projects addressing Roma people, one of the poorest population groups. The Renewable Energy Directive adopted in sets binding targets for renewable energy. Every Member State has to reach individual targets for the overall share of renewable energy in energy consumption. L vom 1.

Guide El mar dels traïdors (A TOT VENT-RÚST) (Catalan Edition)

The regional development programme involves an administrative provision by the State Ministry of Rhineland-Palatinate for Economic Affairs, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning that supports some individual investment in this state, only promoting company split-ups recognised under the tax regime. No other form of actual company split-up is promoted for example when the same shareholders are involved in both a limited liability company and a limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner and the greater part of the operating capital is held in the limited liability company, while the operative business is run by the limited partnership with a limited liability company as general partner.

Can the structural funds available in the period to only be used to promote enterprises if the company split-up is also recognised under the tax regime, or can actual company split-ups not recognised under the tax regime also receive support? The responsibility for project selection, acceptance and examination of applications, and implementation of measures under the ERDF Operational Programme lies exclusively with the managing authority for the Programme.

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It is clear that the only way to eliminate this problem is for all Member States to work together and find a long-term solution. Therefore, could the Commission outline what progress has been made since in order to meet the targets set in the Europe strategy? The event confirmed that there is much interest for this.

Prevention of evictions and provision of adequate and affordable housing are regarded as key areas for intervention.


The Commission will also continue to promote social innovation in this field through targeted calls for proposals. The difficulties in obtaining accurate figures are no doubt well known to the Commission and will have been experienced by other Member States. In order to effectively eradicate the problem of homelessness, we must ensure that no one falls through the cracks and that all of these people who are in need are accounted for. Therefore, could the Commission clarify what steps have been taken to compile comparative statistics for levels of homelessness for the whole of the European Union?

Further, what information does the Commission already possess on the extent of homelessness throughout the EU? Eurostat statistical activities on issues related to homelessness are unfortunately rather limited at European level. The only source of information is the population and housing census of The Member States will have to provide data on the number of primary homeless persons living in the street without shelter and secondary homeless persons persons moving frequently between temporary accommodation in the Member States. The implementing measure provides the framework for much more detailed data on the homeless:.

More detailed breakdowns are possible e. The first results from the population censuses are being progressively released at national level but not yet officially to Eurostat. The Census Hub will be available in Eurostat is also introducing a system to disseminate the main census figures before the introduction of the Census Hub. Dne Den Am August , S. I cittadini europei sono molto preoccupati in merito alle inutili sofferenze causate agli animali da sistemi di cattura crudeli come le tagliole. Concorda la Commissione con il fatto che qualsiasi soluzione conseguita con gli Stati uniti non dovrebbe consentire alcuna deroga al divieto vigente nell'Unione in relazione all'uso di tagliole?

In linea con il suddetto regolamento del Consiglio che vieta l'uso di tagliole, non dovrebbe la Commissione sospendere le importazioni di pellicce grezze, conciate o finite di animali selvatici catturati in tal modo? La delegazione degli USA sta esaminando la questione e dovrebbe riferire alla Commissione nelle prossime settimane. Il regolamento CEE n. La Commissione concorda che la soluzione raggiunta con gli USA non dovrebbe consentire deroghe al divieto imposto dall'UE sull'utilizzo di tagliole.

De burgers in Europa maken zich ernstige zorgen over onnodig lijden van dieren wegens inhumane vangstmethoden zoals het gebruik van wildklemmen.

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Dient de Commissie overeenkomstig de bovengenoemde verordening van de Raad waarbij het gebruik van wildklemmen wordt verboden de invoer van pelzen onbewerkt, gelooid of bewerkt van op deze wijze gevangen wilde dieren niet op te schorten? European citizens are very concerned about unnecessary suffering of animals as a result of inhumane capture devices such as leghold traps. In accordance with the abovementioned Council Regulation banning leghold traps, should the Commission not suspend the import of furs raw, tanned or finished of wild animals caught in this way?

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The US delegation is currently investigating the issue and should report back to the Commission in the coming weeks. Energy prices in Europe are rising constantly and energy poverty is now an emerging problem. The high cost of energy has led to energy poverty in many EU Member States. It was huge social problems linked to energy prices that brought about the fall of the government in Bulgaria. Most families in southern and central European countries are spending half their household budget on meeting their energy needs.

Unless specific measures are taken to tackle the problem, we are likely to see a series of similar uprisings against energy poverty in many EU Member States. Could something of this sort be covered by the Social Fund, if certain changes were made to the guidelines governing that Fund? In line with its objectives which include interventions on social inclusion of vulnerable groups, financing from the European Social Fund may include, for example, support to people threatened by homelessness with a view to preventing eviction or to social cooperatives providing sustainable housing solutions.

As a general rule, the support by the Fund has to respect the principle of sustainability and additionality. Including a heating allowance in a package of social benefits is a decision to be taken at Member State level. The sale of those shipyards must be based on the relevant market laws, including the Tax on Profit Law. However concerns have arisen regarding the compliance of the Croatian Tax on Profit Law, in particular paragraphs 6 and 31 thereof, with international standards. Can the Commission supply details of the procedure chosen for the privatisation of the.

Restructuring plans were submitted by the bidders and eventually accepted by the Croatian Competition Agency and the European Commission prior to the signing of the Act of Accession. In the case of the Brodosplit yard, the bidder chosen after the competitive tendering process was the undertaking DIV d. The bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing. As regards the 3. MAJ shipyard, Croatia informed the Commission of its intention to submit a revised restructuring plan, which will be based on the privatisation of the Uljanik shipyard. In such a case, the Commission will have to take a decision.

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Oggetto: Finanziamenti europei per la cooperazione allo sviluppo. Come per gli altri interventi a tutela della salute, la Commissione promuove le migliori pratiche e metodi economicamente efficaci, fra cui la prevenzione sanitaria e la gestione delle cause originarie delle malattie. Per la salute riproduttiva e sessuale, questo significa incoraggiare e assistere i partner, le ONG e i governi a fornire informazioni, istruzione e consulenze, educazione sessuale e pianificazione familiare.

In questo modo le persone possono proteggersi dalle malattie sessualmente trasmissibili, decidere quanti figli avere ed evitare gravidanze indesiderate. La Commissione incoraggia i paesi partner ad attuare politiche che garantiscano un'assistenza sanitaria completa e sicura per tutti, comprese le misure essenziali per la salute sessuale e riproduttiva, nel rispetto delle disposizioni giuridiche stabilite dai paesi partner.

Can the Commission supply a complete list of non-governmental organisations NGOs and government agencies involved in development cooperation which receive European funding?