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New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. New Quantity Available: 5. Gabriela, clavo y canela Spanish Edition Amado, Jorge. Published by Vintage Espanol. Mediaoutlet Springfield, VA, U. New Soft cover Quantity Available: 1. Published by Vintage New Paperback Quantity Available: Book Depository hard to find London, United Kingdom.

Gabriela, clavo y canela Spanish Edition Jorge Amado. You never even used to clean your kitchen, much less wear makeup. Mientras limpiabas la sala de trauma. In the trauma room , cleaning up.

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This time a year ago you were plowing snow. Four, when you cleaned the wound, she flexed into the cleaner instead of away from it. Why were you cleaning your pistol? Anoche limpiabas la cocina musitando: "Pisadas". Last night I found you washing the kitchen floor, moaning, '"Footprints. And you told me you were keeping the family grave neat and clean. Suggest an example. Ella cantaba mientras limpiaba la casa. She sang songs whilst she cleaned the house.

I've always been carrying you on my back. Una noche, limpiaba la biblioteca del arzobispo.

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These simple connections with nature are what fill my life with the purest sense of joy. These bonding moments with Mother Earth in all her glory are precisely what my husband and I had envisioned in our wildest dreams and what we were willing to risk our too comfortable and convenient lives for. There are several companies offering lessons and board rentals speckled along the sublime Mayan Riviera coastline.

1. Swim with Whale Sharks

If the open sea is a tad intimidating for you, there are tours which include rentals and transportation to calmer lagoon or cenote waters near Playa del Carmen. Summer is here! Longer days mean you have more time to spend outdoors barbecuing, having drinks on the patio, and relishing the warmth of the summer air.

As the days heat up, we are inclined to head towards water. Kids crowd around sprinklers at spray parks and boats are launched into lakes in assembly line fashion. Lucky for you, if you have booked your summer vacation in Playa del Carmen, there is plenty of outdoor fun to be had. Being on the water is an integral part of the lifestyle in this seaside community. The following is a list of top ten things to do near Playa del Carmen for summertime fun. But hear me out. This is not an extreme sport just for loco daredevils with nine lives. People of all ages have surreal encounters with these mellow sea giants every year.

During the summer months, the whale sharks make a pit stop on their migration route just off the islands of Isla Mujeres and Holbox in the Yucatan Peninsula. Fortunately for us, the intimidatingly massive fish prefer the taste of plankton over humans. Note: This excursion can easily be done in one full day from Playa del Carmen.

2. Rio Secreto

Tours are offered from the end of May to the beginning of September. Only 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, the nature reserve and eco-park boasts a series of caves and natural limestone pools fed by the largest underground river system on the planet.

As a bona fide explorer with helmet head lamp and all , you will navigate through waist-deep water and dimly lit pathways leading to cenotes. These crystalline pools were once considered sacred grounds by the ancient Maya. Sacrificial artifacts dating back to over years ago are still being discovered to this day.

All of the guides are passionate and educated in the science behind this natural phenomenon. As your hosts for the day, they are committed to keeping you safe, fascinated and entertained. The tour groups are small so most of the time, it feels as though you have the whole park to yourself. All you need to bring is your swimsuit; life jackets, wetsuits, towels, and lunch are provided.

This unforgettable trip beneath the surface of the earth really does seem out of this world. Can you imagine a better opportunity to connect to nature than paddling towards the sun at dawn? This early morning stillness is so far from your usually hectic routine of prepping for work, scarfing down a bowl of oatmeal and rushing out the door only to sit in traffic for an hour.

From behind a low-lying layer of puffy white cloud, the blazing orange and pink sun emerges. There is nothing quite like drifting over the calm sea at sunrise. Their business headquarters is located on the powdery soft sand talk about a hard day at the office! On superior weather days, a two-hour paddle session to a nearby reef is available. Note: There is no minimum age requirement as younger children can sit on the board with an adult. This nature park, located under 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen, offers a full-day itinerary of various activities.

ISBN 13: 9780307279569

There are dozens of picture-worthy points throughout the vast park where you can practice your photography skills. A minimum age of 5 years is required and children must be at least 3 and a half feet tall to be permitted on the zip lines. This paradise is only accessible by boat and the clarity of the aqua blue water is shocking. It is so clear that you can see stingrays 50 meters away gliding along the sea floor. You will most likely have an up close and personal encounter with these graceful creatures as there are quite a few at any given time in this magical bay.

Along with the non-threatening stingrays, there are starfish, grouper, angelfish and sea turtles in the area.