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Springer VS, Wiesbaden, p 57— McKean B Toward an inclusive populism? Polit Theor 44 6 — Mouffe C The democratic paradox. Mouffe C On the political.

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Download references. A special note of thanks is due to Martin Nonhoff for extended and particularly helpful conversations on the topic. Correspondence to Seongcheol Kim. Reprints and Permissions. Kim, S.

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Palgrave Commun 3, 5 doi Download citation. Contemporary Political Theory Javnost - The Public Culture and Religion Organization Journal of Labor and Society Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Language and linguistics Politics and international relations Sociology.

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Download PDF. The AfD and Pegida The Pegida Footnote 14 movement that emerged in Dresden and later in other places in October signalled arguably the single biggest break in the discursive order of the past decade in Germany, if not of the entire post-reunification period.

At the same time, Gauland also used the Pegida protests to reinforce the antagonistic frontier between the AfD and the Altparteien , declaring on 19 December: One does not necessarily have to share the concerns of these people. In marked contrast to Gauland, however, the Berlin AfD articulated equivalences with the Russian-Germans with reference not to German ethnicity, but to shared values plus Russia foreign policy , with AfD candidate Hans-Joachim Berg stating Der Tagesspiegel , : [The Russian-Germans] have a natural proximity to the AfD because they are conservatively structured, place value on family, child-rearing and education and have a high work ethic.

Notes 1. Valerio —79 Google Scholar Rovira Kaltwasser C The ambivalence of populism: threat and corrective for democracy. Constellations 21 4 — Article Google Scholar Stavrakakis Y, Andreadis I and Katsambekis G A new populism index at work: identifying populist candidates and parties in the contemporary Greek context.

Ethics declarations Competing interests The author declares no competing financial interests. About this article. Instead, the EU should focus on demining, on sending a Common Security and Defence Policy mission to eastern Ukraine and on the secure delivery of humanitarian aid.

Und da gibt es eben Licht und Schatten. Das ist mal ein Wort, daran kann man ihn messen. Also, Sanktionen und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit bei den Reformen! I continue to question the practical viability of the two breakaway regions, bearing in mind the geography of the strategic points that remain in Ukrainian hands, and I am mindful that military units remain in easily—mobilised positions well within artillery range. Judging by the Syrian-dominated headlines, one would be mistaken for thinking that all is now well in Ukraine. We are now playing catch-up — always seemingly two steps behind, where he has taken the initiative.

If we are to see a genuine workable peace, and not just frozen conflicts across borders, we are going to have to compromise on a solution to this conflict. That is real diplomacy. The fight against Islamic State is a perfect place to start that diplomacy. Louis Aliot, au nom du groupe ENF. Elmar Brok PPE. Dies ist erstmal eine Pause, ein Waffenstillstand, den wir positiv zu bemerken haben.

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Dobra je vijest da je dogovorena opskrba plinom za cijelu sezonu po prihvatljivim cijenama. Charles Tannock ECR. In essence, unable to take Ukraine by force, Putin is reverting to the more traditional and subversive KGB tactics, in which he has been trained, of attempting to take Ukraine politically. As Russia now ensconces itself at the negotiating table in relation to Syria, it will seek to use its position there as leverage over the situation in Ukraine and the associated European Union sanctions. We in Europe must remain conscious of this, and not let the pressure of the migration crisis and the fight against terrorism in the Middle East divert our attention and allow Russia its way in Ukraine.

Reforme so potrebne in moramo jih podpirati. Le notizie dal fronte sembrerebbero abbastanza positive. Il cessate il fuoco sembra reggere, nonostante il morto e i due feriti di ieri. Io sinceramente vedo molto, molto poco da questo punto di vista. Noi vorremmo davvero negoziare il regime dei visti con loro? Francamente direi di no. Lo dico specie a quei paesi che continuano appunto a Janusz Korwin-Mikke NI.

Sandra Kalniete PPE. Un Ryszard Czarnecki ECR.

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  • To jest ulica dwukierunkowa. Two hundred and ninety-eight lives were lost. Now we have the results of the investigation into this horrible crime: the missiles were launched from the so-called separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine, from a missile system of Russian origin. The report brings us one step closer to finding those responsible for this crime and bringing them to justice. Also, political responsibility must not be forgotten. It did not support the creation of a UN international tribunal but has, instead, been developing its own version of the shooting-down.

    We should not forget that this tragedy was possible only because of the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Every single day that this aggression continues we have new victims and refugees. Restriktivne mjere prema Rusiji treba vezati ne samo za provedbu sporazuma iz Minska nego i za mirnu reintegraciju i dijelova Donbasa, ali i Krima. Dobro da je dogovor o plinu postignut. Denn die Lage dort ist besorgniserregend! Die hohe Inflation, die Verteuerung der Energiepreise und die gestiegene Arbeitslosigkeit haben zur Folge, dass inzwischen rund ein Drittel der Ukrainer an oder unter der Armutsgrenze leben.

    Mark Demesmaeker ECR. Ten eerste: wij moeten volledige duidelijkheid krijgen over de ramp met MH Daar waren ook Vlaamse slachtoffers bij. Vijftien maanden onderzoek is er nodig geweest om zeker te weten dat het toestel is neergehaald door een BUK van Russische makelij. Maar we weten nog altijd niet wie de raket heeft afgevuurd.

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    Er zijn pogingen geweest om de waarheid te verdoezelen. Wij moeten alles weten en de verantwoordelijken voor de rechter brengen. Partnerorganisation der GIZ in diesem Dokumentation Analyse oder Studie Guatemala ZFD Konsortium. Analyse oder Studie Cornelia Brinkmann. Kabul Dokumentation Khartum Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, FriEnt.