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Thank you for this amazing list of books to assist children through the grieving process. If it is ok, I too would like to add a link to your list.

Butterfly House

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    She looked up at the vast, dark blue-purply black sky above her, dotted with tiny stars. It was beautiful. As she spoke, she felt just like she had as a caterpillar — breathless, excited, full of adventures and dreams. Sunny really wanted rainbow wings, but she discovered her wings were black. Do you think it would have been useful for Sunny to keep feeling sad about her wings being a different colour to that which she expected?

    Why or why not? When little Chester, a young raccoon, is scared to leave his mother and go to school, she gives him something that makes everything alright. She kisses his palm and tells him that the kiss will help make school as warm and nice of a place to be as home is. This is one sentimental and heartwarming story that will help even the youngest child deal with changes they have to go through.

    One of the most beloved books for boys and girls is the story of Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne- his steam shovel. Mike Mulligan still uses her though, and insists that she can do just as good a job as those more modern models can. When he insists on using her in Popperville, Mike and Mary Anne are put to the test, with the entire town watching. An inspiring story that is fun to share with little ones, this one is a true classic.

    What do you get when you put together a peddler, some monkeys, and the story telling gift of Esphyr Slobodkina? You get a classic story that has been around for decades and is still just as entertaining and fun as it was when first published in Generations of children have grown up with this and other classics that have made storytelling an art.

    Family classic and a treasure to share — what more could you want in a story? Instead, he hides when his mischievous ways are found out about. Will Tumford finally apologize? What will it take to get him to see the err of his ways? Five sheep driving a jeep?

    Butterflies for Kids

    Only in this classic tale by Nancy Shaw Seussian. Not only are the sheep hilarious and driving wild, but the story is rhythmical and rhyming, making it very easy to read and follow. Sharing a laugh will be the highlight of the day when you read this story to your little ones.

    Over the hill, through a mud puddle, and forgetting to steer, all go together to make this story one that will be enjoyed many times over. If you are looking for a story that is fun, silly, and entertaining, this may be the one for you. David Wiesner has used more imagination than anything else with this story that is more pictures than words. Frogs are the focus, enjoying themselves as only frogs can, on lily pads, in the swamp, and into town, the frogs are out to have fun.

    That is until morning comes.

    The Story of the Rainbow Butterflies

    Tuesday night is their time and enjoying this book with a little one may make it your time too. This tale of Chinese folklore is one that will amuse you and may leave you humming or repeating the little rhyme that many children enjoy after reading it. Arlene Mosel and Blair Lent have done an amazing job at bringing a classic story of a little boy who falls into a well.

    The rescue takes longer than it should because his name is so long and must be completely said before he can be rescued.

    The Story of the Not-So-Colorful Butterfly | Bedtime Stories

    This story is sure to be loved by young and old alike and will be treasured by many as something to savor as they read and enjoy it together with loved ones. Graeme Base has created yet another astounding book to add to the list of the best. When you think you know the answer, you may find something that will tell you whether you are right or wrong. Mystery lovers young and old will find this story one to enjoy over and over, alone or with a loved one. The animals all say no, they have not seen his hat — in increasingly elaborate ways.

    Just when the bear is ready to give up, a friendly deer bounds along and asks an intriguing question that gets the bear on the right track. Visual humor and clever illustrations abound.

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    • Or is it a dream at all? Mickey finds himself falling out of bed and out of his night clothes after hearing some noise downstairs. As you enjoy this story of Mickey and the Night Kitchen, you will be taken back to your own childhood dreams and share the humor of dreaming with your own little ones. This story told from the perspective of the wolf who is considered the bad guy in the original story, offers another side to the classic tale. Alexander T. Wolf has a different way of telling the story, with an explanation as to what he says really happened. The truth, according to him, is that he had a bad cold.